Monday, November 30, 2015

Mind Mapping Info (part 2 of 2)

Have you tried applying mind mapping to determine the outcome of certain actions? Manufacturers of various consumer products take a lot of time in weighing things. These manufacturers know that the internet can help them a lot in marketing their products but they still need to see if it’s a profitable endeavor. If the manufacturers don’t find it profitable, then they will not advertise their products online but if they find it profitable, they will need to determine the possible expenses and the time it takes to set up an online site to market the products. After the concerns are answered, other things will come up.

So, are you getting a good picture of how mind mapping is carried out? A certain action or decision depends on a certain factor; and in order to determine the correct answer, you will need to consider the answer to a previous query. Through mind mapping, you can easily illustrate certain actions and their possible consequences. By doing so, you can immediately forecast the outcome.

When you make a decision, you will often encounter outer forces which can be responsible for some changes in the outcome. How do you respond to such forces and changes? By answering this question, you might be able to highlight the unrecognized linkages.

Once you master mind mapping, complex situations can be simplified so that you can arrive at the best possible decision. All the possible consequences to a certain action can also be determined; at the same time, you can uncover linkages. Practice mind mapping now so that you can face any situation, no matter how hard it is.

Mind Mapping Info (part 1 of 2)

Oftentimes, when you have a project, you can’t avoid having ‘if’ questions in your mind. Most individuals are like that and so they try to come up with solutions or alternatives to answer those ‘if’ questions. Are you one of them? If you are, then you will benefit a lot from this mind mapping info.

When you’re doing something which involves high stakes, it’s natural for you to draw some kind of diagram so that you can visualize the obstacles ahead while seeing your ultimate goal at the end.

The diagrams you drew may be very simple lines or complex models but whatever it looks like, it can be considered as mind maps. Through the diagrams, one can easily make good decisions or better yet, make complicated decisions easier. Another important thing is, the diagrams can be an effective system or way for better and effective communication.

There are three ways to effectively communicate through mind mapping. One is to show the components of difficult situations; second, it gives you the idea of the possible outcomes of certain actions; and third, it highlights unrecognized linkages.

A typical example is maintaining your very own website. If you’re utilizing mind mapping, you will usually draw diagrams of boxes and some lines representing the connections. Even if you have a simple website, it is sometimes difficult to track the connections and hierarchy. But what if you need to work with several complex situations? Do you think you can handle such task?

If you’re asked to explain mind mapping to another person, you might find it quite hard but did you know that with a visual component outline, you can effectively communicate even the most complex relationships and structures?

Friday, November 27, 2015

There’s More to Discover on a Lake Tahoe Vacation (part 2 of 2)

As the geologic formations began to take shape, eruptions from the now-extinct volcano Mount Pluto formed a dam on the north side, as melting snow filled the southern and lowest part of the basin to form the ancestral Lake Tahoe as rain and runoff added more  water to the lake.

Lake Tahoe was shaped and landscaped by scouring glaciers during the Ice Ages, which began a million or more years ago and is fed from 63 tributaries with the Truckee River as the main and only outlet.

The Truckee flows northeast through Reno, Nevada and into Pyramid Lake, which has no outlet.

The soil found on the basin come primarily from andesitic volcanic rocks and granodiorite, with minor areas of metamorphic rock.

Some of the valley bottoms and lower hill slopes are covered with glacial moraines, or glacial outwash material derived from the parent rock.

With the great depth of Lake Tahoe, as well as the locations of the normal faults within the deepest portions of the lake, suggests that earthquakes on these faults can trigger tsunamis with wave heights predicted to be around 10 to 33 ft in height, capable of traversing the entire lake in just a few minutes.

This may be evident with the massive collapse of the western edge of the basin that formed McKinney Bay around 50,000 years ago which was thought to have generated a tsunami wave with an estimated height of no less than 330 ft.

Although Lake Tahoe is a natural lake and with most areas consider protected, it is also used for water storage by the Truckee-Carson Irrigation District, for which the lake level is controlled by a dam at the Truckee River- the lake’s only outlet- at Tahoe City.

The 6 foot high dam can increase the lake's capacity by 732,000 acre/ft.

So if you think that lake Tahoe is just a vacation spot, think again, there’s more to discover in a Lake Tahoe vacation.

There’s More to Discover on a Lake Tahoe Vacation (part 1 of 2)

If one thinks that a Lake Tahoe vacation is simply just a respite from the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolitan life, there’s in fact more to discover in a Lake Tahoe vacation.

Aside from the fact that Lake Tahoe is a popular destination, getting to know the origins of Lake Tahoe can be as challenging as an extreme sporting adventure.

For starters, the Lake Tahoe Basin took form as a geologic block fault about 2 million years ago.

A geologic block fault is a fracture in the earth's crust causing blocks of land to move up or down, which is a primary cause of earthquakes.

It is this fault movement where uplifted blocks created the Carson Range on the east and the Sierra Nevada mountains on the west, while the down-dropped blocks, also called a graben, created the shear between the Sierra Nevada Microplate and North America.

On the other hand, the Lake Tahoe basin is formed by a series of large down-to-the-east normal faults, including the West Tahoe and Dollar Point fault, the Stateline and North Tahoe fault and the Incline Village fault.

Most of the highest peaks that can be found of the Lake Tahoe Basin that formed during the creation of process of Lake Tahoe creation are Freel Peak at 10,891 ft, Monument Peak at 10,067 ft, Pyramid Peak at 9,983 ft in the Desolation Wilderness and Mount Tallac at 9,735 ft.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kitesurfing Safety Tips (part 2 of 2)

Use appropriate kite for your experience level. As a rule, ride within your skill level. Overpowered riding is very dangerous. Do not ride on strong winds with too large kite. Also, use the kite on wind conditions and speed that are specified by the manufacturer.

Check the weather forecast. This goes to anyone regardless of the skill level. Knowing the wind speed and direction is critical to determine whether it is safe to kitesurf or not.

Pay attention to the changing weather condition. Aside from taking note of the weather forecast, be aware of the changing weather while you surf. Wind speed and direction should be monitored carefully. Watch out for the sudden gust of strong winds as it can throw you off balance and carry you off to places you don't plan to go.

Launch and land the kite with care. Most accidents happen on shore or when the rider is about to enter or leave the water. If the kite is on air, do not spend time on the shore. Once the kite is in the air, leave the beach right away. When coming in, land as fast as possible. Keep the kite low when on shore.

Never hit the water without a safety knife. Tangles often happen when the kite is hit by a wave or a sudden gust of wind. This is very dangerous since the rider cannot control the direction of the kite. Also, tangled lines can cause serious injuries and deep lacerations to the body, fingers, toes, and limbs.

Under no circumstance should the rider allow himself or any part of his body to be encircled by the lines. Cut immediately using the safety knife to escape being caught by the lines.

Finally, fatigue can cause danger to the kitesurfer. When you feel that you are getting tired riding, go back to the shore and take a rest.

Do not take chances. Kitesurfing should be fun but it should also be done safely. Seriously, never attempt to do anything stupid.

Kitesurfing Safety Tips (part 1 of 2)

Kitesurfing is a dangerous sport. A strong gust of wind can force the surfer to be lofted, carried off, dashed against the building, terrain, and water, resulting to injuries. Most fatalities are the result of being dragged out of control or being airborne and land or hit hard surfaces including sand.

To avoid any injuries and maximize safety, here are some things you should remember:

Gear up! You never know when accidents will happen. And when they do, make sure that you are fully protected while kitesurfing. Wear a helmet and impact vest. While these gears will not assure you that you can walk away (or swim away) from accidents unharmed, they will definitely reduce the risk of fatality and severe injuries.

Do not remove or disable factory-installed safety harnesses in your equipment. Helmets and vests have straps and quick-release systems to ensure that these gears will be fastened securely and will be used safely and properly all the time.

Ride with side-shore winds. Onshore winds and offshore winds can be dangerous as both push you either toward the sand or toward deep waters.

Do not ride in crowded areas. Collision on water can be as fatal as collision on land, more so at a considerable speed. Never attempt to kitesurf on places near boats, swimmers, surfers, or buildings, trees, rocks, or areas with permanent obstructions. In general, a minimum of 100 meters of safe distance from all obstructions should be observed.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Preparing for Last Minute Air Travel (part 2 of 2)

Choose someone who’s dependable and close to you to be your primary contact at home. Make sure you call him at regular intervals so that everyone back home knows how you’re faring abroad or out of town. Be sure to hand out your contact details whenever you change accommodations.

Last but not the least, you can also register your travel plans with the US government. It’s not really necessary, but better safe than sorry, don’t you think?

Delegating Responsibilities

If you have your bills and other important documents mailed to your home, make sure you inform the post office to put all mail on hold while you’re away. If not that then you can also have all mail forwarded to a neighbor or any other person you trust.

If you’re going to be on vacation for a considerable period of time, make sure you also ask someone to check your house from time to time. Have someone to water the plants, clean the yard, and maybe temporarily adopt your pets while you’re away.

Packing Dos and Don’ts

Pack light. Remember: every passenger is ascribed a certain weight quota for his baggage. If you go beyond this, you’ll have to pay extra. Make sure you label every piece of your luggage properly. It’s always a hassle when your luggage ends up lost and misplaced. Bring clothing that you can mix and match and use repeatedly. Make sure the clothing you bring is also appropriate for the weather in your destination.

Off to the Airport!

Be at the airport at least two hours prior your flight departure time. This way, you won’t be in any great hurry having your stuff stored properly and getting to your seat in comfort. Double-check your flight documents. Going through the same safety precautions repeatedly is tedious, yes, but again, it’s something you should do if you don’t want to risk getting deported when you get to your destination.

Follow all these tips and when you return home, you can look forward to going home without having to suffer last-day-trouble.

Preparing for Last Minute Air Travel (part 1 of 2)

Traveling by plane to your vacation destination at the last minute can make you panicky enough to forget traveling essentials. Use the tips to ensure that when you go away for vacation, you’re not leaving trouble behind.

Flight Documents

Double and triple check your passport. Make sure you have it with you at all times. Pack your passport together with your flight tickets, too. Last but not the least, if you are traveling abroad, be sure you also have your visa documents with you.

Reservation and Other Vacation-Related Documents

When you make a reservation by phone, you’re usually given a confirmation number and that can stand as proof of your reservation. But when you make a reservation online or you book for accommodations through a travel agency, you’ll usually get documented proof for your reservations. These reservations are important: they expedite the registration process and you’ll get to your room more quickly. Make sure you’ve got similar documented proof for car rental, admissions paid in advance, and other important vacation-related details.

Giving Information about Your Travel Plans

If you’ve prepared a travel itinerary, it’s best to share your plans with loved ones you’ll leave behind. In the event that something untoward happens to you, your loved ones could notify the necessary authorities to verify your well-being.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Learn To Draw And Paint (part 2 of 2)
Copying is your stepping stone in drawing. Get a model and copy it. It is all right to make mistakes. This is exactly what erasers are for any way. Also, do away with the notion that you need to have professional materials for your work to look good. A simple sketch book and basic drawing pencil and eraser would do.

Painting Basics

On the contrary, painting would entail appropriate materials so that your work would end up nicely done. You would need a couple of brushes that come in different sizes. You also need acrylic paint of various colors, but most importantly, you should have the primary colors, a bigger tube of white and black. However, if you do not want to buy a black tube, you could simply create your own. Do this by combining all the primary colors.

It is best to start with Acrylic paints because these are the easiest to work with. Thus, the general painting developmental stages would be mastering acrylics first before aiming to learn oils or water color. Also, this kind of paint is easily mixed with water. All you’ll need would be a glass or a bucket in which you would put the water in for cleaning purposes. You also use this water to keep your paint moist, it dries up quickly. A pallet is needed too. If you don’t have one, you can improvise by using paper plate that has Aluminum foil covering.

To start painting, you have to draw on your canvas first. Draw your subject and other details of the pictures’ environment. After this, add on the color using your paint. Keep on practicing by choosing different subjects. Also, try to experiment with the colors you’ve got.

Make full use of your pallet and create various shades of colors. Continue on sketching and painting like this and for sure your skill would start to develop in no time.

Learn To Draw And Paint (part 1 of 2)

Everybody at some point in their life wanted to learn to draw and paint. Just by watching children, you could see that these skills are one of those that entice them during their early years. However, not all people decide to take this goal seriously, especially when adulthood comes around. Nevertheless, if you do want to develop this innate skill, it is still possible. Here are the basics that you have to know.

Drawing Versus Painting

One important factor that people do not understand is that drawing is different from painting. Thus, if you want to learn how to draw and paint, this means you have to develop two different skills. Drawing is generally defined as depicting a subject by the use of lines. On the other hand, painting is the art of coating surfaces with paint for artistic or utilitarian purposes.

Thus, the medium you’d be using would be the main difference along with the process itself. Nevertheless, these two disciplines are still related and most often combined to make an art work. Most of the time, drawing becomes a prerequisite of painting; although this is not always the case.

Drawing Basics

For you to start having drawing skills, you should constantly practice your hands and eyes. Do this by sketching. Constantly sketching is the best way for you to learn how to draw more artistically and professionally.

Remember that drawing is developed by constant practice of your hands. This is not improved by merely reading or acquiring whatever book based knowledge that is available. Thus, practice your hand to draw. Be very observant with your surroundings. Try to sketch things or people during your idle time. Doing this is really one worthwhile hobby that could pay off in the future.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Apple iPod Touch: A Device That Is Simply Amazing (part 2 of 2)
Also, there are external speakers available for the iPod Touch. In fact, big names in the audio technology are now producing speakers designed for the iPod Touch. This includes Belkin, Bose, Sony, and even JBL. For sure, you will be able to turn this amazingly portable device in to something that will be able to keep the party going.

The iPod Touch is one amazing device that will enable you to do almost everything that you need in your everyday life today. If you need to check your emails, you just need to be inside a WiFi hotspot to go online with your iPod Touch. You can even check your MySpace or Facebook with your iPod Touch.

The new Apple iPod Touch is perfect for everyone. In fact, if you are an athlete and you are training, the iPod Touch will be able to help you out when it comes to tracking your progress. How? With the Nike+iPod nanometer, you can accurately measure your progress. In fact, it will even record the distance as well as the calories you burned during your run.

There are also accessories available for the iPod Touch that will enable you to connect the device directly to a printer. This means that you will be able to print your pictures you take with your iPod wherever you are.

So, if you need a real personal computer and one that will be able to easily fit your pocket, you will definitely love the iPod Touch. Not only that this will enable you to enjoy hours upon hours of your favorite music and videos, but it will also be able to help you organize your day to day activities, help you with your training, help you start a great party, and it will even let you check your important emails while you are on the go.

The Apple iPod Touch: A Device That Is Simply Amazing (part 1 of 2)

Everywhere you go, you will see people carrying portable multimedia players. Today, the latest multimedia device that you will see people carrying around is the new Apple iPod Touch. This particular multimedia device is considered to be the best of its kind as it is now able to provide more features and more usability options that will enable the user to do more than just listening to their favorite music and watching their favorite movies while they are on the go.

So, what's so special about the new iPod Touch that almost everyone today wants to have one of their own? Well, to put in simple words, the new iPod Touch is the real personal computer as most people describe it.


This amazing device doesn’t only play high quality music and videos but it does more than that. The iPod Touch can now access the internet. With its built-in WiFi mobile platform, you will now be able to access your emails as well as surf the internet and even watch your favorite online streaming videos on YouTube. Also, this device, the old reliable organizer is now obsolete. The iPod Touch can now act as your organizer and even let you plan your events with its built-in calendar.

For photography enthusiasts, the iPod Touch also has a built-in camera. So, wherever you go, you will be able to take pictures.

There are also hundreds of amazing accessories for the iPod Touch. Even if the iPod Touch is scratch resistant and shock resistant, you will be able to go the extra mile in protecting your iPod Touch. There are hard plastic cases for the iPod Touch which will be able to provide extra protection against scratches and shock. There are stylish designs available and you can definitely personalize your iPod Touch and let it tell something a little bit about you.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Easy Magic Tricks (part 2 of 2)
When none of them can figure it out, which would mean most of the time, you then try to do it yourself. The secret to this trick is fairly simple- just cross your hands when taking hold of the rope. When you cross your hands, you are seemingly making out a knot with your hands. When you have done this, try to get hold of each end of the rope. Then try to uncross your hands. As you to this, the tie that you have made with your hands will transfer to the rope. Therefore you have successfully tied up a knot in the rope without letting go of the ends while doing it.

The Unbreakable Match

This magic trick may require some bit of preparation. You would need a handkerchief with a hem or sewn fold on the edges and two wooden matches or toothpicks. Before you show the trick to the audience, place a toothpick or a wooden match inside the hem of the handkerchief beforehand. Then let a volunteer to choose a toothpick or match from several others that you have brought with you.

Once a volunteer has chosen a toothpick or matchstick, lay out your handkerchief on the table and place the chosen matchstick in the center. Roll out the handkerchief with the matchstick covered in the middle. As you do this, try to get hold of the matchstick hidden in the hem by feeling it and then let the volunteer touch it. Have it confirmed from the volunteer that there is indeed a matchstick inside. You can then either break the matchstick in half or you let the volunteer do it.

Take the rolled up handkerchief back and then break the matchstick again. Your audience will think that the matchstick that was broken was the one that they saw rolled up a while ago.

Slowly unroll the handkerchief and show them the matchstick, still at the center and unbroken! Now that's an easy magic trick to learn and try with your friends.

Easy Magic Tricks (part 1 of 2)

Easy magic tricks can be learned in an instant if you wish to impress friends or relatives. There are a lot of easy magic tricks that you can learn and master that would only take some bit of practice and some showmanship. Here are some god examples of simple yet effective magic tricks that you can learn:

The Self-Tying Handkerchief

For this trick you would need just an ordinary cloth handkerchief that has one end tied into a simple knot. The object of the trick is to convince your audience that you have the ability to tie a knot in a handkerchief using just one hand. In order to make it possible, you try to take your handkerchief out of your pocket. Try to let them see only the end without the knot.  With the knotted end hidden in your hand, try to pick up the hanging end with the other hand and then releasing it again.

You can do this two times to add some flair on your magic trick. But on the third try, let go of the knotted end by dropping it instead of the expected corner. Try to remember to conceal the switch by hiding it with your fast hand movements. This will add to the baffling effect of this simple and easy magic trick.

The Knot Tying Challenge

This is a pretty simple trick that can impress your friends.  What you need is a single piece of rope about three to four feet long. You lay the rope in front of your audience of friends and then challenge them to tie a knot into the rope without letting go pf both ends while doing so. It can be sort of a puzzle that you let them try out for awhile.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Value of a Good Home Inspector (part 2 of 2)
After the examination, which usually takes several hours, even up to a number of days, depending on the size of the house, the home inspector then issues a report released to the client and regulating bodies, sometimes a local housing authority, for consumer protection and welfare.

In most cases, the inspection procedure involves the inspection of the home’s interior structure, water heating system, roof,basement, heating or cooling system, plumbing, exterior structure, electrical system and other aspects of the house.

This is where a home inspector can determine whether the building has faulty installation processes or fixtures that were undertaken, most especially improper or substandard building practices.
This is also true with homes that require extensive repairs or remodeling, including general maintenance issues, including but not limited to fire and safety concerns.

Home owners or buyers usually hire a home inspection service prior to selling or buying their homes. A home inspector is then sent over to the property being considered and  conducts a thorough examination of a home to inspect and examine for potential systems or components requiring attention, most especially when it deals with structural integrity or standard installation or fixture set-up.

After the examination process, the home owner receives a detailed report of the condition of the house the owner can then plan for needed repairs and upgrades.

There is no pass or fail rating during a home inspection process and it is also not a municipal or regulatory home inspection, that determines whether the local building code of a certain state or territory is complied with.

So by now you know the value of a good home inspector and how his professional services is not only focused on regulatory compliance, but is also a process to protect the buyer or seller from substandard or faulty construction practices.

The Value of a Good Home Inspector (part 1 of 2)

The value of a good home inspector is far more important than what people actually think, most especially if you are out in the market to buy or sell a house.

The primary task of home inspectors is the assessment of the present condition of a house or real estate property, which is intended to make sure that a client is satisfied with a property for sale or one that is planned to be sold.

Basically this process is conducted to ensure the protection and reliability of a house or property being bought or sold in the market, which ultimately redounds to the assurance of protection and safety to the client or customer.

The home inspection process is usually a thorough examination or assessment on the current condition of a house, which can be done to give either the home seller or prospective buyer whether there is a need to repair or upgrade a house.

The home inspection process can also be beneficial in determining if proper construction or repair standards have been observed.

Professional home inspectors are mostly and carefully trained, and in the case of most regions or states in the United States, most home inspectors need to have a license in order for them to carry out their tasks.

Ideally and a common practice in many states, a home inspection report is required as a pre-requisite before a home can either be bought or sold.
A home inspector also has equipment used to assess structural integrity and longevity of most materials a house is made of, which is a key indicator whether the property being examined is indeed safe or livable.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fruit And Vegetable Juice Detox Diet (part 2 of 2)
It normally grows in the lower digestive tract of animals and can cause food poisoning and even death when the food it had been contaminated is eaten uncooked or raw. E.coli is commonly found in animal meat, however meats are often cooked thus killing the bacteria in the process.

You can mix two or three fruit juices together. You can mix two or three vegetable juices together. Or you can mix fruit and vegetable juices. Whichever you prefer. However, not all juices when mixed together will give you the best tasting juices except carrots and apples. Carrots when mixed with fruit drink makes a great complement while apples sweeten up any vegetable juice. Mixing juices really depends on you and your creativity.

Some fruit juices also tends to be very flavorful and sweet, to lessen the strong and rich taste, you can dilute it with water. Fruit juice will start to oxidize after 12 hours so it is best to prepare just enough juice for your consumption. The nutritional value will be lost even you store it in the fridge.

Juices are made in specially designed machines. Blenders are not that effective in making juices. Juicers extract the juice and separated the juice from the pulp or fibers while blenders chop the fiber and mixed it with the rest of the juice. You won’t actually need recipes in making delicious juices. The richness and tastes depends on your preferences.

However, if you need ideas, there are plenty of juice recipe books you can found in bookstores or even in the internet. Among of the popular juice recipe for detox diet are: vegetable green drink, carrot-celery drink, melon cocktail and carrot-pineapple delight.

Fruit And Vegetable Juice Detox Diet (part 1 of 2)

Fruit juices are considered effective detoxifiers and vegetable juices are the best cellular builders.  Variety of fruits and vegetables are great source of juices for detox diet. For vegetables, the best juice producers are cucumber, celery, lettuce, tomato, spinach beets, cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, parsley, potato, onion, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, dandelion greens, eggplant, zucchini and watercress.

Vegetable juice can be either hot or cold, depending on your preference. However, hot vegetable juice makes an excellent broth and adds variety to a juice in short time. Some prefers, cold vegetable juice because nutrients are lost in the heating process plus a vegetable soup is more natural and earthy.

The chlorophyll content in green leafy vegetables are considered almost identical to hemoglobin found in the human blood. Because of this it is considered effective medicine for blood related disorders and detoxification of the digestive tract.

For fruits, the best juice producers are apple, peach, pear, pineapple, grapes, any type of melon, apricots, cherries, plums, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and limes. You must take extra precaution in taking fruit juices for detox diet. To be sure of the quality of the fruit juices you drink, use fresh and organic juices. Processed juices are often made from rejected and not good quality of fruits usually already has mold, pesticide residue, and animal wastes like bird droppings.

Some manufacturers purchase small, underripe, overripe, bruised and partly moldy fruits to make frit juices. That is why if you intend to drink fruit juices from the supermarket make sure it’s pasteurized. A particular bacteria called E.coli bacteria is commonly found in unwashed apples.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tools for Adsense (part 2 of 2)

It has a large number of features, including the possibility to highly customize reported stats, exporting data and charts to other formats. It's in French but the language can very easily be changed to English.

Of course any tool can only access these stats as often as 15 minutes but the authors are well aware of that fact and none of these tools will get you in trouble with Google because of that.

If, however, you're browsing content most of the time, and your tool of choice is the Firefox Internet browser, there's an extension for this program that allows you to view the stats in your status bar.

Again, this software is aware of Google's 15 minute rule and enforces its usage, 15 minutes being the minimum time between updates.  The Google AdSense notifier for Firefox can be obtained from

There is also a program called Golden Keywords out there that helps you in getting the best keywords for your site. It's really efficient and very easy to use. It does come with a price tag though, it costs $49.95 and it can be obtained from

So as you can see, software developers are making more and more programs meant to help you in your quest to maximize your AdSense profits. But before you go out looking for them remember that Google has a few features of its own as well.

It does offer some reports (albeit a bit more limited) and using the 'channels' feature is a good way of finding out which ads on your site are really bringing in most of the revenue.

Be on the look out as new tools appear daily and make sure to invest time in your site, as that is the real key in success with AdSense.

You need to have optimized niche website templates for best results. You may find the best adsense templates and blog templates at ( They are offering 100 fresh new templates every month.

Tools for Adsense (part 1 of 2)

If you're just boarding on the AdSense train, and looking to find a quick way to make the profits you've seen all being pulled of all over the Internet, you might be interested in a couple of tools.

These software tools are designed to aid AdSense publishers in getting a better understanding on how traffic flows through their site. Some will help you in understanding which keywords gain you more money and which locations give you the best AdSense payment.

One of the best such tools available is AdSense Gold ( which allows you to have a better understanding of which ads and formats actually get more clicks and which are useful or nearly useless.

This program works by tracking views and clicks on all the publisher's pages. It even goes as far as offering you the possibility to see which referrer each visitor came in through.

There's a free tool called SynSense ( which is more of an AdSense monitoring tool. This sits in the tray and offers actualized AdSense stats as you hover your mouse over its icon. It's a very nice tool for those which like to be informed on how their AdSense is doing at all times of the day.

Google provides you with stats in a csv format on their site. So someone made a tool that can automatically download such files and extract a lot of information from them. The name of this tool is CSV AdStats and it is available from